The 84th annual Academy Awards show starts at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, hosted by Billy Crystal and featuring Best Picture nominees like The Help, The Artist and Hugo, as well as Oscar nods for iconic actors like Christopher Plummer, Meryl Streep, Max von Sydow and Glenn Close.

For those looking to celebrate the winners (or hoping to drink through much of the ceremony), check out our Oscars 2012 drinking game below.

The IBTimes Oscars 2012 Drinking Game:

Take a sip of your drink whenever...

...anyone is called an innovator, a genius, beautiful or my best friend

...someone thanks the Academy in their acceptance speech

...there's a Best Picture nominee you haven't seen

...someone asks Who are you we aring? on the red carpet

...someone drops the F-bomb or the S-bomb

...someone says thank you over 10 times in a single acceptance speech confuse Meryl Streep and Glenn Close

Take a shot whenever...

...a thank-you speech starts with wow

...a winner claims they didn't prepare

...Billy Crystal makes a bad joke

...someone references Whitney Houston or Jeremy Lin

...someone mispronounces the name Jean DuJardin, Bérénice Bejo or Michael Hazanavicius

...a new muppet appears on-screen

...the orchestra interrupts an acceptance speech

Finish your drink if...

...Uggie (the dog from The Artist) appears on-stage

...someone drops their Oscar

...the word magic or phrase Hollywood magic is used during the special effects montage

...a presenter kisses the winner onstage

...Billy Crystal mentions replacing Eddie Murphy more than three times

...Puss in Boots wins Best Animated Feature Film say to yourself, they were still alive?! during the people we lost montage

Finish the bottle if...

...Billy Crystal's forehead moves

...Jonah Hill or Nick Nolte dares to beat Christopher Plummer, Max von Sydow or Kenneth Branagh for Best Supporting Actor (really???)

...Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close wins Best Picture

...Melissa McCarthy beats Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress

...someone announces that they're pregnant at the ceremony