width=202Zimbabwe-born Australian performer Godfrey Zaburoni, 31, was charged on Tuesday in the Southport Magistrates, Gold Coast for acts of intending to cause grevious bodily harm by infecting women with HIV through unprotected sex.

A Queensland woman who had unprotected sex with Zaburoni tested positive for HIV late last year, sparking the charges and the search for the other 11 women.

It was reported that Zaburoni has been an HIV positive since 1997.

Zaburoni has provided the names of at least 12 women he had unprotected sex with in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. But the information is not sufficient for police department to search for those victims and informed them to go for an HIV test.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young urged the victims to come forward for an HIV test and should any of the other women tested positive to HIV, their sexual partners should require testing.

A hotline was set up for possible victims and had since received 18 phone calls with some of the callers immediately referred to a HIV unit for testing.

Queensland police admitted that the numbers of women who slept with Zaburoni could reach hundreds.

Since immigrating to Australia in 1997, Zaburoni has performed with dance troupes and circuses, including the Australia's Got Talent television show, The Funk Soul Brothers troupe, Stardust Circus, Silvers Circus and stints performing at casinos as an entertainer, acrobat and dancer.

Queensland Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Col McCallum identified Zaburoni yesterday, citing the public imperative to notify other women.

Mr McCallum said it was only the second time in Queensland a person had been charged after allegedly infecting someone with HIV.

An Immigration Department spokeswoman said migrants to Australian with HIV were assessed against health requirements in terms of their public health threat, danger to the community and cost of services.

HIV is a serious condition but does not in itself prevent a visa being granted, she said.

The department is investigating the Zaburoni case.

Women who slept with Zaburoni should contact their GP and Crime Stoppers on              1800 333 000.