Protesters in Tripoli are on the rise, said activists, since a video on the Internet on Monday showed hundreds of angry funeral mourners shouting slogans against the Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi is still in control of Tripoli and the western side while the eastern part is being dominated by the rebels.

The video showed hundreds of protesters at a funeral, pouring on to a street and chanting Muammar is the enemy of God! and God loves martyrs!

Activists said the video was filmed on Monday at the burial for two slain protesters in the Souq al-Jumaa suburb of Tripoli. The suburb has seen some clashes between pro-democratic protesters and government security forces in the past, Reuters reported.

An activist who posted the video on YouTube said the funeral had been dismissed as Gaddafi's security forces arrived in trucks and fired live ammunition. But this could not be verified.

The strength of Gaddafi's support in the capital is difficult to measure . Much of the city is decorated with portraits of the leader and the walls are covered with pro-Gaddafi graffiti.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is leading an air campaign for the past two months against Gaddafi forces, said the bombing will not stop until Gaddafi steps down.