Actress Elisabeth Shue is joining the cast of the hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Shue will make her CSI debut on Feb. 15, playing the role of someone who has just completed an anger management course, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Elisabeth's character will share a past, in another crime lab, with Ted Danson's character, executive producer Don McGill said in a statement, EW reported. The first time things didn't go so well between the two of them. Maybe the second time's the charm, or not. 

Shue admitted in an interview with The Insider earlier this month that she is drawn to playing more complicated characters.

I seem to be drawn to people who are damaged, she told The Insider. It gives you an immediate complication when they're struggling with demons and trying to overcome their own self to survive the world. I love women who are somehow on the edge -- right on the precipice and will fall over if they're not careful. I find them to be the most interesting.

Shue is remembered for her roles in movies such as Back to the Future (II and III), Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, The Saint, and Leaving Las Vegas, for which she received an Oscar nomination.

People reacted to the CSI news on Twitter.

Tweeted one man: Here's an actress whose career SHOULD BE in much better shape than it actually is. Since 1995, in fact.

Tweeted a woman: I might start watching CSI again in February. Elisabeth Shue is joining the cast.

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