Actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rant early New Year's Day, claiming that she had been pushed by an NYPD officer just for walking down the street to her West Village townhouse in the midst of an Occupy Wall Street protest.

Walking home...13th & 6th, police making random arrests of non protesters.Young girl in police van screamingI'm just trying 2 get home read Barkin's first tweet.

She proceeded to tweet about an officer shoving her: Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here? and NOT MY CITY! NYPD violent attacks & arrests of any1 they can get their hands on Very few actual protesters,just random people in the streets.

F--k all of u, Bloomberg & every1 goosestepping behind u, she tweeted at one point, according to The New York Post.

Barkin responded to other Twitter users asking her questions about the legitimacy of her claims, but she insisted she was credible. I dont have video of what I saw.I am not an alarmist or exaggerator .this really shocked me.Had no idea where I was, or what was happening, she wrote.

I have never been afraid of a NY policeman until last nite.What I saw was random & senseless arrests and unnecessarily threatening behavior read another tweet.

Later on, Berkin appeared to settle, posting, I was walking home.I saw it. It was upsetting, and looked unnecessarily aggressive & random.I tweeted about it, as is my right. That's all. She also referenced racism, My apologies 2 every1.I did not mean 2 discount racial injustice & the very real horrors brought abt by it.Extremely insensitive on my part.

The string of tweets continued on throughout Jan. 1 and into Jan. 2

TMZ reported that Barkin's rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, caught the incident on video. The video was uploaded onto TwitVid, but has since been deleted. TMZ contacted the local police precinct and the authorities said they would review the video. No further comments had been made.  

Mayor Bloomberg's office has not commented either.

Cops arrested approximately 68 Occupy Wall Street protestors on Jan. 1. Nearly all were booked for misdemeanors or violations, like obstructing governmental administration or disorderly conduct. One man from Berkeley, Calif., Zachary Miller, 28, was arrested on charges of felony assault after he reportedly cut a cop's hand with a pair of scissors, according to The Post.