If you missed Adam Lambert's debut performance of his new single, Better than I Know Myself, you've probably heard that he killed it.

Dressed in a classic black suit, and wearing considerably less eye-liner than usual, Lambert blew his fans away in his first live performance of his highly anticipated new single.

When the performance was first announced online, fans flocked onto The Tonight Show Website to buy tickets. Most of the fans who landed tickets flew cross country to catch the performance, according to Gather.com.

It seems Lambert also really enjoyed his performance.@jayleno thanks for a great day Jay! Good to see you as always, he tweeted after the show.

The performance was not only Lamert's first from his new album, Trespassing, but it is also his first televised appearance since he was arrested in Finland last month. The former American Idol runner-up, found himself in jail after he got into a brawl with his boyfriend outside a bar in Finland, TMZ reported. Lambert allegedly was violent towards people who tried to break up the fight.

Now Lambert says he has started a new chapter. I'm so excited for this new chapter to begin, he tweeted. Thank you to all of you out there for your love and support

For those who missed the performance, Lambert will be performing again on the ELLEN show on Thursday. Be sure to tune into the @TheEllenShow tomorrow! I'm singing Better Than I Know Myself and Ellen and I sit down and ca..., he tweeted on Wednesday.   

Better than I Know Myself, is the first single from Lambert's sophomore album, Trespassing. It was written by Claude Kelly and Produced by Mr. Luke, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The song will be followed up by the release of his new album in March. Lambert told Ace Showbiz that his new work would let people underneath his façade a little bit-a self-created and totally admitted façade.

I'm trying to convey to my audience that you really can't judge a book by its cover, and there's more to the universe than you can see with your eyes. It's like existential pop, he told Ace Showbiz.