Adele is now just one of many powerful females in Hollywood speaking out in support of Kesha, who is currently fighting for her right to break her contract with Sony.

The "Hello" singer went public with her support of the "Free Kesha" movement on Wednesday during the 2016 Brit Awards. After taking the stage to accept an award for her music, Adele said she wanted "to take this moment" to show Kesha some love and "support." This is the first she's spoke on Kesha's on-going legal battle since it began. Adele is currently signed under Columbia Records, a Sony affiliate. 

Kesha spoke out on Tuesday, thanking her fans — both famous and not — for standing behind her. In an Instagram post she wrote that she was "beyond words" and "thank you is not enough." Kesha promised fans that a longer statement would be coming in the near future.

On Feb. 19, Kesha appeared in court where a judge was tasked with deciding whether or not to release Kesha from her Sony contract. According to Billboard, Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich denied the singer release from her contract, which is linked to producer Dr. Luke. Kesha claims he drugged and raped her in the past and continually abused her afterward, which is the main reason she was seeking injunction. The court claimed that Dr. Luke had agreed to step aside, allowing Kesha to produce music without his help, but many felt that was simply not good enough.

Pop music fans can watch the 2016 Brit Awards via a YouTube below: