Lucy, a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, was not born this way. Years of abuse and broken bones have caused her face to look deformed. But Lucy is still a beautiful pup, with a lot of life, and she is looking for a new home. 

According to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Examiner Lucy's has lived a horrible, painful life. A life no animal should have to endure. She lived in Bogota, Colombia, where she faced years of physical abuse that left her with a broken nose and jaw. These broken bones were never properly set, so they healed in this crooked shape, deforming her entire face. In order to correct it, the bones would have to be re-broken, which would be an awfully painful procedure. 

Some of her teeth were pulled out to prevent her from fighting off male dogs during repeated, forced matings. Lucy escaped and was eventually found on the streets, emaciated and pregnant, when someone saved her. 

The individual who rescued her reported that Lucy had been used as a submissive dog to develop aggression in fighting dogs.  

Once rescued, Lucy visited a veterinarian who saw that her uterus was horribly twisted. It was determined to be her fifth or sixth pregnancy. The vet needed to make a decision whether to save Lucy or her babies. He chose Lucy.

Now, Lucy is looking for a home. She is shy, never aggressive and needs time to develop a relationship with other animals and people. She is spayed, up to date on all of her shots and loves belly rubs. 

Lucy is currently boarding in New York and needs someone who is willing to foster or adopt her. If you are interested, please call Vivianne at (646) 662-0251, or you can email her:

Many animals have stories similar to Lucy's. Last winter, a pedestrian found a pit bull chained to the Williamsburg Bridge, shivering after a wicked snow storm. This individual gave the dog to Nick Carr, who posted an ad on his Web site and found the dog a loving home. 

In April, a group of bartenders from Brooklyn rescued a two-month-old pitbull puppy who had been throw out of a moving car.