Adrian Peterson was thinking it would be a good idea to change the number on his Vikings jersey...until he saw the numbers.

According to the running back's Twitter rant, he changed his mind when he found out how much it will financially cost him for changing from number 28 to number 23: $1 million.

To sum up the rant, Peterson said a source told him that he would be responsible for purchasing all of the leftover jerseys made with his name and the number 28 if he went through with his decision to change his number, which would cost an upwards of $1,000,000. The expense prompted the NFL star to go on a long, dragged out rant, which many fans did not want air of.

The rant began on Jan. 20 when Peterson tweeted, So I'm thinking about changing my number! #28 has been good to me, but I think its time switch it up! What do you think about the switch ?

Peterson then said he was thinking 21 or 23, though he would pick #1 but the NFL rules wouldn't allow it! Only QB.

On Wednesday as he was nursing his knee injury, his long-winded Twitter rant began.

So here is the deal with the number change! So I received a call and I was informed that I would've to buy all jerseys that's been produced, he said. Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!!

The star who has one of the top-selling selling jerseys in the NFL felt the situation was unfair.

Why? Ok so I see maybe ten thousand dollars of my total jersey sales! That's it!!! In I know I've mostly likely been in the top ten When it comes to top sales ! Why in the hell do I have to pay a Million dollars to change my number! I don't even get paid a million Dollars by my sponsors a year! Wow!!! N I'm talking about my nike deal!

#1 I'm in the top jersey sales! # 2 I see maybe 10,000 from those sales#3 I get paid under 1million a year#4 but I oder to change MY number, he tweeted. I have to pay a Million Bucks! Somebody's winning in that situation & ITs not me! So clearly with that said I won't be changing my number This years!

Peterson then convinced himself to keep number 28.

Pay a mill to change number or keep the mill n continue to wear 28?! That's a easy one... Hell 28 it is!!! Lol, he said.

However, his Twitter rant clearly received some backlash from some of his 212,000 fans, namely from someone who told him to stop whining.

Someone just hit me saying stop crying! Lol, he said. I'm sharing my thoughts! I thought that's what twitter was all about. Anyway I won't be changing My number for the reason you have in front of you! So someone said! You got it just pay it! You must be smoking something to thing I'll Waste that type of money just to change a number on my work uniform!

Adrian Peterson admitted he chose number 28 only because he really wanted number 29 to pay homage to his childhood idol, Eric Dickerson, but it was unavailable in high school, he said.