Adrien Broner’s recent loss to Marcos Maidana doesn’t appear to have affected his confidence level.

During Showtime’s live broadcast of the Lamont Peterson vs. Dierry Jean fight card on Saturday, Broner spoke to host Brian Kenny about the circumstances behind his December loss to Maidana, the first of his career. The 24-year-old welterweight declined to get into specifics, attributing the loss to “God’s plan.”

“I know what went wrong for me. God had that plan already. It don’t matter if I had Jesus in my corner. God had that plan. We can’t stop his plan,” Broner told Kenny.

Kenny pressed Broner on the issue, asking the fighter if he believed that Maidana had exploited a flaw in his technique.

“What I need to tell everybody that isn’t inside that squared circle… You know, sometimes when you get hit with good shots, there’s some shots that you just don’t see, and you’re gonna get hit with big shots,” Broner said. “But at the end of the day, we’re ready to go back to camp. We’re ready for the rematch. If we could’ve fought [Maidana] on Sunday, we would have fought him on Sunday, but he was the better man that night.”

Next, Kenny asked Broner if it was wise to seek a rematch against Maidana so quickly after a decisive loss. For Broner, the decision was automatic.

“Of course. I’m a fighter. If I go on, I know I can beat anybody. If I go on, then what they say? ‘Oh, at least Maidana beat him.’ I’m the closest thing to Floyd Mayweather, so since I took my loss, everybody feel like Floyd Mayweather took a loss, 'cause I’m the closest thing to him. And still, to this day, I’m the closest thing to him. But we gonna be okay. My next fight, I hope I fight Maidana. But if I don’t, it’s okay.”

Broner's loss to Maidana came during his first defense of the WBA welterweight title. In the second round, Maidana knocked Broner to the mat for the first time in his boxing career. Maidana repeated that feat in the eighth round, ultimately winning the match by unanimous decision. Still, the decisive manner of the victory and a video that appeared to show Maidana ingesting some sort of pill during the match led some to accuse him of cheating against Broner.

Due to his brash, cocky demeanor and use of the “shoulder roll” defensive technique, Broner has indeed drawn comparisons to Mayweather. However, at 36 years of age, Mayweather has yet to lose a single match, dispatching several of the sport’s best fighers en route to a 45-0 career record.

The exact details of the potential Broner-Maidana rematch have yet to be finalized.