Warning: The photos of Brownie are graphic and may be disturbing.

Family and friends of a St. Louis woman who allegedly burned her dog to death and bragged about it on Facebook are intimidating witnesses in the animal abuse case, according to the founder of the animal rescue organization that tried to save the dog.

Adrienne Martin, 35, of St. Louis, is facing felony animal abuse charges in the death of her dog, Brownie. She allegedly posted on Facebook about her intentions to kill her dog.

“I’m on killa mode ….. #killdogs.com…..today..,” she posted on her account on July 9. Animal advocates who saw the post called Martin “gross” and “sickening.”

The next day, Martin allegedly confessed to killing Brownie by using the hashtag #alldogsdontgotoheaven.

"I mean what I say and say what I mean," she wrote on July 10. "#alldogsdontgotoheaven.com."

Brownie was rushed on July 10 to Stray Rescue, a St. Louis-based animal rescue organization, but the dog couldn’t be saved.

Now the founder of the organization, Randy Grim, is claiming that friends and family of Martin are threatening witnesses in her case, including volunteers for Stray Rescue.

Grim testified in a St. Louis courtroom Monday that Martin’s family members and pals called in threats to Stray Rescue’s offices and went into the shelter on four occasions. They also disrupted a memorial service for Brownie held last week.

“They have a gang, bully mentality,” Grim said of Martin’s supporters, according to CBS St. Louis.

The television station said Grim had to be escorted out of the building by courthouse staff because a man holding a video camera was chasing down Stray Rescue supporters.

During Monday’s court appearance, a judge denied Martin’s request to get her bond reduced from $50,000. She hasn’t been able to come up with the money and she’s been sitting in jail since her arrest.

Martin’s mother, Jackie Martin, claims her daughter is innocent.

“I know she didn’t do it, and there isn’t any doubt,” Jackie Martin told Fox 2 St. Louis. “She wasn’t even around that night.”

Stray Rescue provided these photos of Brownie after the dog was taken to the St. Louis rescue organization’s office: