Adventure Time episodes not enough for you?  Now fans can take Fin, Jake and other oddballs from the Adventure Time world with them wherever they go. The creator of the widely successful Cartoon Network animation, Pendleton Ward, confirmed on Twitter that a video game based on the show will be available for the Nintendo DS.

WayForward will be producing the game, which was initially revealed as a 3DS game before it was clarified by Ward. No information has been revealed regarding the plot line or characters, but fans can be sure to see some familiar faces.

However, Ward did give some clues about the work he's been developing. The cartoon creator posted doodles on Twitter depicting creatures with some video-game themed appendages.

This DS game y'all..It's gonna be hot, read a caption for one of the drawings.


No official release date has been mentioned, just a general indication of a 2012 launch. This is no news to some viewers of the show, as information about a video game counterpart leaked as early as November 2010. A YouTube video showing the box art for the game surfaced, with a caption saying coming soon to ds.

But how will the zany characters translate into an interactive adventure? For one fan, a classic side-scroller format would be ideal. Check out the video intro for an imaginary Adventure Time adaptation.