"The Affair" Season 2 is making it so easy to dislike Noah Solloway (Dominic West). If you thought Sunday's episode was bad when Noah and his publicist Eden (Brooke Lyons) had a hot and heavy make out session while a pregnant Alison (Ruth Wilson) sat at home, next week's episode 9 is going to be even worse. 

According to an official synopsis, via TV Guide: "Alison weathers a momentous journey alone; Helen receives unexpected attention from a sexy but exasperating source [and] Noah faces a terrible reckoning." Fans will also see Cole (Joshua Jackson) "pushed to the edge by an array of challenges." 

In one sneak peek of the Nov. 29 episode, Noah is seen at a party still basking in the limelight from the success of his book Descent. At the party, one guy calls Noah the "bad boy of American letters" and some girl in a red dress is seen hanging close to him. In another scene, Noah and the mystery woman are seen getting cozy with each other on the dance floor. 

Meanwhile, Alison goes into labor and is at the hospital by herself. Alison tries dozen of times to reach Noah but he's doesn't answer her calls. At one point, the doctor tells Alison something may be wrong with the baby and calls for help. 

The clip also reveals that Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) is starting to connect with someone new: Vic (Omar Metwally). 

In a second teaser released by Showtime, Alison is worried when her doctor won't be able to make it to the hospital to deliver her baby. The stand-in doctor explains that the weather is too bad for people to drive in. Alison is also worried Noah won't make it either. She wants to wait to have her baby, but the doctor tells her she's going to have to deliver soon. 

In the third and final clip, Helen is trying to brush off Vic, but he's very persistent and asks for her number. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Metwally has signed on for a few episodes, so Helen's new love interest will be sticking around for a little while. 

"The Affair" Season 2 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.