Sunday's episode "The Affair" drops a major bombshell about Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) and Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell). The Nov. 15 episode features Alison and Cole's (Joshua Jackson) narratives as they each celebrate Thanksgiving separately with their families.

It's safe to say their Thanksgivings don’t go as planned, but the episode doesn't pick up until the very end, when Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein) reveals a shocking secret that Alison might be hiding.

Alison's Narrative:

Alison and Noah Solloway (Dominic West) have definitely hit a rough patch in their whirlwind romance. Alison is pregnant with their first child together, but the two couldn't be more distant from one another. Noah is celebrating the success of his book "Descent," while Alison seems distracted and a little bored with her life.

In Alison's perspective, Noah is barely paying attention to her or their unborn child. Noah is now a successful writer and is busy dragging Alison to all of his book events. At one particular event, viewers meet Eden (Brooke Lyons), Noah's cute publicist. Alison doesn't seem to like Eden very much.

At the event, Alison and Noah get into a disagreement over their plans for Thanksgiving dinner. Alison wants to leave the party so they can start getting ready for their guests, but Noah still wants to hang around and meet everyone who came to support him. It doesn't help that Eden butts into their conversation to tell Noah he's going to have to catch a flight after Thanksgiving dinner so he can go to another event.

In the end, Noah tells Alison to leave the party early so she can get everything ready and he'll catch up with her later. Alison doesn't like his idea, but does it anyway.

After Alison leaves the party, she picks up her mother Athena (Deirdre O'Connell) and brings her back to the swanky apartment she shares with Noah. Athena is impressed with the house but questions Alison about how Noah is able to afford such a luxurious condo. Alison says she's not sure how exactly Noah is paying for the apartment, and Athena asks if he got money from Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) during their divorce. Neither one of them knows that Noah's friend Max (Josh Stamberg) gave Noah $500,000.

Athena continues to question her daughter's romance with Noah, telling Alison it's weird that Noah is going to pick up an already-cooked turkey on Thanksgiving instead of them making it at home. She also doesn't like that Noah turned the baby's nursery into his office.

Also during Alison's point of view, viewers get another glimpse at Noah and Alison's dysfunctional relationship: Noah shows up more than 30 minutes late to dinner, he has Eden with him because the publicist didn't have anywhere to go for the holiday, and he forgot the turkey.

Things escalate between the pair when Alison confronts Noah about his book in front of their guests. Alison is angry that Noah lied and said the book was fiction, when it's actually about their affair. She also accuses him of embellishing some of the events that happened between them, and she doesn't like that his book ends with him killing her.

Cole's Narrative:

Cole is also having a rough Thanksgiving. In his point-of-view, Cole and his girlfriend Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) get into an argument when he accuses her of stealing money he left on the table. She storms out of the house, but he eventually apologizes and ends up spending the end of Thanksgiving with her and her family.

Meanwhile, Cole is not getting along with his brother Scotty. While at the store, Cole runs into Scotty, who is upset that Cole hasn't been spending time with the family. Scotty wants Cole to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. While Cole and Scotty are talking, Oscar walks up and asks them if they've read Noah's book "Descent" and tells them that Noah talks about them a lot in the novel.

Cole eventually buys a copy and reads a passage to his family at dinner. Cole is upset because he thinks Noah lied and made up horrific tales about the Lockhart family, but Cole's mother Cherry (Mare Winningham) tells him Noah didn't lie and everything he wrote about the family is true.

Cole gets angry and storms out of the house, and Scotty runs after him. While they are outside talking, up pops Whitney Sollow (Julia Goldani Telles), who's been texting Scotty from a number he didn't recognize. Scotty freaks out when he sees Whitney because he could go to jail for being around her. Cole drives Whitney back to New York City, and drops her off at Noah and Alison's apartment.

In The Present:

Back in the present, Alison is seen talking to Noah's attorney Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) about the murder case surrounding Scotty's death. Jon wants to know if Alison and Scotty were on good terms around the time Scotty was killed, and Alison says they were and explains that she barely talked to Scotty at Cole's wedding.

However, the episode ends with Jon watching a video from the wedding showing Alison and Scotty arguing. Jon wants to know what Scotty said to upset Alison, and Oscar says he was standing close by and overheard Scotty tell Alison that the baby she's pregnant with is his.

Do you think Scotty was really the father of Alison's baby?