While honeymooning with her husband Eddie Cibrian, LeAnne Rimes took to twitter to show herself off to fans while wearing a string bikini in Cabo San Lucas.

After her fans viewed the photo, some responded with alarmed reactions.

@leannrimes Whoa, you're scary skinny! Sorry didn't mean to offend but that's a lot of bones showing through skin... on Twittuer user wrote.

Rimes responded saying that it's her abs rather than her bones that are showing.

@AJPaterson1987 those are called abs not bones love.

She later tweeted about indulging in some fast food at the airport.

Boston Dog's sliders and French fries in the Cabo airport are so good! Anyone coming here try them!!! she tweeted.

Rimes has sparked controversy with her weight before. In April, while sunbathing, Rimes took a photo of her legs and shared it on Twitter.

Following that photo, fans expressed concern about the musician's weight, but again Rimes used Twitter to defend herself.

@lindseyg696 I you don't know me, you have NO idea what I weigh or eat, so why should you have any opinion about my weight, Rimes tweeted.

She had also tweeted LOVE Thin Mint Cookies! I never know where to buy GS Cookies, so I'm always elated when someone I know has them! Love Thin Mints frozen!

As more photos of the musicians surface the more rumors about her unhealthy body run wild.  Rimes continues to defend herself saying that she knows she is healthy .