Tuesday's unusual East Coast earthquake sent tremors from Georgia to New York, surprising residents who were not expecting such an event.

According to media reports, no serious damage, injuries, or death resulted. But the quake did frighten millions.

The U.S. Geological Survey said a 5.8-magitude earthquake struck a location 38 miles outside of Richmond, Va. at 1:51 p.m. ET. It occurred in the previously known Central Virginia Seismic Zone.

The last big shock occurred in 1875, estimated at 4.8 magnitude. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake in 2003 also caused some minor damage.

People have set Twitter ablaze with comments, most of which are humorous and incredulous as there were no serious consequences reported.

Remember that time there was an earthquake and then the next day we all forgot about it? Shelly Chvotzkin tweeted.

If only today's earthquake had led to a Fukishima style meltdown in a VA nuke plant, we'd be RICH! DrewM posted.

At this time I'd like to call for the conservatives to cause another earthquake... when we shake up DC in the 2012 elections #tcotSWIDT? Cole Streeper tweeted.

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