The first round of the Dunk Competition is over and we are about to move on to the elimination round. And it was about as good as we've seen in years, as Kevin Harland and Reggie Miller attested.

DeMar DeRozan took multiple chances to get it right, but when it was done he came up with 44 points. Perhaps if he hit it the first time, he would have gotten a higher score.

Coming out to a collection of flags that read NBA Africa, Serge Ibaka took his time and jumped from behind the free throw line. Playing with a bothered ankle, Ibaka scored a 45.

Javale McGee, of the Washington Wizards, went with a double dunk, and after multiple tries, he nailed it. There was nothing for the judges to do but give him a 50. With Chris Webber challenging Dwight Howard, the pressure was raised.

Going last, but certianly not least, was Blake Griffin. The Clippers' star did a 360 degree jam that was simply spectacular and received a 49.

There's plenty more to come.