Months after bringing out a raunchy Aviation calendar in a bid to save a sinking Mexican airline, six former flight attendants posed for Playboy.

The stewardesses from Mexicana airlines, which supended operations last year, feature in the April 2011's Mexican edition of Playboy magazine.

In Novemeber 2010, ten voluptuous airhostresses were photographed in bikinis and sunglasses on different parts of an airplane to save the struggling Mexican airline, which ran up $800m (£500m) in debts.

Mexicana airlines, one of the oldest airlines filed for bankruptcy in August 2010 and suspended operations. The airhostresses aimed to draw attention to the plight of the struggling employees and that of the airline with the calender.

Scroll down to see photos of six plucky airhostresses at the unveiling of the April 2011's Mexican edition of Playboy magazine on April 11, 2011: