There’s perhaps no show better suited for the crowd at the San Diego Comic-Con than Marvel TV’s breakout hit “Agent Carter.” As we wait for the big premiere of Season 2, the panel for the ambitious series highlighted the return of James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis.

Following the climactic conclusion of Marvel’s “Agent Carter” Season 1, things were tied up with a nice little bow for Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and the rest of the gang in the SSR (Strategic Scientific Research). Unfortunately, that meant a lot of key characters, such as Jarvis, are in the wind when Season 2 begins. 

According to Deadline, the show will take place in 1947 Los Angeles where Peggy finds herself dispatched to the City of Angels to investigate a case that’s stumping the LAPD. In addition to Jarvis coming back, “Agent Carter” Season 2 will see the return of Enver Gjokaj (Daniel Sousa), Chad Michael Murray (Jack Thompson) and, possibly, Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark), although the folks at the panel were unable to confirm that last one for some reason.

“It’s 1947, so it’s six months after the [first season] ended,” executive producer Michele Fazekas told Entertainment Weekly. “Things are different. We’ll see people are in different positions. Not everyone is in New York anymore. There’s some history we’re not quite sure of. Some people are not talking to each other anymore.”

One of the bigger reveals from the “Agent Carter” panel at Comic-Con was the announcement that not only will the writers find a way to bring Jarvis back into Peggy’s life in Season 2, we’ll be introduced to his wife. Unfortunately, no actress has been announced for the role, but the producers were able to confirm both the return of Jarvis and the inclusion of his wife. In a separate interview with EW, Fazekas teased the importance of the Peggy and Jarvis relationship and how L.A. will reunite them in a grand way.

“Without getting into too much, we have a nice, organic way to include Jarvis. That was a challenge. He’s not an agent,” he said at the San Diego Comic-Con. “The case from the first season was over, so the biggest question for us this season was: We love Peggy and Jarvis together, that’s a really important relationship, how do we keep them together? And L.A. has provided us a really nice, organic way to do so.”

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