These transparent planes would actually make people want to go up in the sky to have a clear look at the world and beyond. Planemakers Airbus unveiled, in London, the transparent beauties we will be flying in 40 years from now, complete with see-through aircraft cabin, 'intelligent' cabin wall membranes and interactive games. Though the idea has been announced to the world back in September 2010, the aircraft makers have now come up with a blue-print.

Passengers will be able to see everything in the front and on the sides of the aircraft which might actually sound terrifying for those with fear of flying. The organic plane walls are designed to change its colors to suit the light radiated from outside. Holographic games powered by heat from passengers' bodies will make sure that everybody is kept entertained. Business and economy cabins will give way to 'relaxation zones' in the front and 'work zone' in the back. The plane will also stock up a full-fledged bar for socializing. The intelligent cabin concept also has a revitalizing zone filled with anti-oxidant and vitamin enriched air, mood lighting settings, aroma therapy and acupuncture treatment. The interactive zone will feature high-end virtual games which will take the passengers to any social setting desired.

Airbus claims that the concept aims at offering passengers the experience of being on ground coupled with luxuries of panoramic views and transparent set up.

While basic technology such as molding seats and 'head-up displays' already exist, Airbus's plan to install the plant-based, transparent 'skin' of the plane remains puzzling. Airbus claims that the concept of organic structure mimics the idea of bird zone, its major pluses being adaptability to changing outer environment and the ability to offer a panoramic view to the passengers. 

Skeptics argue that the transparent walls might not be that great an idea, since a significant section of people might need blindfolds at least during takeoff and landing.