What does the Anthony Weiner saga have to do with the travel industry? 

Not much at all, but one airline company is promoting a special Weiner Sale with fares starting at $9.00. 

Leave it to Spirit Airlines to capitalize on questionable humor.

Earlier this week, the original campaign slogan for their new promotion went: BIG Weiner Sale with prices that are just too HARD to resist!  As the sale continued, the punny folks over at Spirit extended the deal and amended the campaign to: Get ready for a weiner sale expansion, but don't worry, were not going to ENLARGE the fares.

The ad shows a hot dog sitting at a laptop computer.

Spirit Airlines raised eyebrows last summer when the company managed to offend both women and Gulf Coast residents suffering from the BP oil spill with an ad featuring women sun tanning in bikinis and the words Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches.

This week's Weiner Sale has fares starting from $9 each way, based on a roundtrip purchase.  Fares are listed per person and do not include all taxes and fees. Extra baggage charges apply (including carry-on luggage).  Additionally, you must pay $60 to become a part of Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club (whose flights are rarely, if ever, actually $9).

While the site claims, Don't lie... Size does matter!  But don't worry, we're not enlarging our fares, at the time of writing there appeared to be just 4 flights available for $9 and each were short regional connections.  Most other flights hover between $39 and $59.

All fares must be booked by 11:59PM ET on June 13, 2011.