Airline stocks were down Monday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 130 points to 8,001 after the Air Transport Association posted its March passenger revenue fell 23 percent in the United States.

Shares of Continental Airlines lost 4 percent to 6 cents or 6.34 percent at $12.70 and March passenger revenue fell 20 percent.

AMR Corp. shed 3.8 percent or 58 cents to 11.05 percent at $4.67, from its First-quarter net loss of $375 million, or $1.35 per share and revenue dip 15.1 percent to $4.84 billion in the quarter.

American Airlines' mainline unit revenue in the first quarter declined 8.7 percent with seat capacity down 8 percent, and Seats booking fell to 75.7 percent.

Some Airline data for March revenue is not yet available, However shares of other airlines decline from Delta Airline fell 50 cents to 6.83% at $6.82; JetBlue fell 34 cents to 6.28% at $5.07; United Airlines Corp. fell 3.7% to $6.21 and US Airways shares dip 44 cents to 11.11% at $3.53.

Southwest Airlines also drop 25 cents to 3.47 percent at $6.95, which reported first Quarter net loss of $91 million or $0.12 per share and revenue decreased 6.8% to $2.36 billion.

Amex Airline Index stock fell nearly 2% to $1.17 cents at $17.24 in the midday trading.