Fans throughout the world met the SEC's decision to ban Alabama's fax cam girl tradition with sadness, but thankfully one radio station has decided to continue the tradition in its own way.

For the past two years the University of Alabama had employed an attractive young female to collect the faxed-in Letters of Intent and post them on the big board. But last year a fellow SEC school complained to SEC commissioner Mike Slive about the fax cam girl and Alabama was told that it couldn't continue the tradition.

That's where BAMS Radio comes in.

The twice-weekly, Internet radio station decided that someone had to fill the void of the fax cam girl and employed two female students to work National Signing Day coverage.

People were bemoaning that there wouldn't be a fax cam girl so I said there's no way that we can't do this, BAMS Radio owner Greg Calhoun said. So I found a couple of very attractive young ladies to do this for a free lunch.

The response to a live video feed through of the two women putting up the names of future Alabama players has been enormous. The feed has already gotten over 200,000 hits by noon and at times had more than 3,000 people at a time watching. The radio station expects to get more than 300,000 hits by the time the day is done and expected the live viewer count to peak when safety Landon Collins made his announcement at 12:30 p.m.

The feed has been posted throughout Alabama message boards and has turned into a lively debate on, one of the most popular SEC football Web sites in the country. The hope at BAMS Radio is all of the attention will lead to a consistent spike in its listeners for its broadcasts.

Fans seemed to take a particular liking to a young woman dressed in a houndstooth dress -- an homage to legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant -- though some fans crossed the line a bit with their comments in the live chat. Calhoun says he has done his best to moderate the chat and make sure that no one says anything inappropriate about the two fax cam girls.

In addition to trying his best to keep it polite, Calhoun shakes off any complaints of sexism with the fax cam.

There are a million avenues to watch this on and they could watch it through the Twitter feed if they'd like, Calhoun said about any critics. The bottom line is I'm an Alabama fan and I'm responding to what people have asked us to do.

Whether you are an Alabama fan or not, BAMS Radio's fax cam might be the runaway winner of National Signing Day 2012.

You can watch the entire live feed of the fax cam at the radio's Web site.