An Alabama man has admitted hiring supposed Ku Klux Klan members to hang his black neighbor in a failed murder-for-hire plot.

Allen Wayne Densen Morgan, 29, of Mumford, pleaded guilty Thursday in Birmingham federal court, the Associated Press reported. He was charged in September with using and causing someone else to use interstate facilities with the intent to commit murder for hire.

According to court documents, Morgan tried to hire people who he believed to be KKK members to hang his black neighbor back in August, allegedly because his wife said the neighbor raped her. But the Klan members were actually undercover officers.

Morgan, an Iraq War veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 27. He could face up to 10 years in prison, but prosecutors are asking for some reduction in his sentence because he accepted responsibility for his crimes, the Birmingham News reported.

An undercover FBI agent who identified himself to Morgan as a Klansman had a phone conversation with Morgan on Aug. 22, in which Morgan used a racial slur to describe the black man he wanted hanged. He told the undercover that he had just fired some shots at the neighbor in an attempt to intimidate him, according to the paper.

The defendant also detailed his plan to the undercover, saying he wanted his neighbor “hung from a tree like a deer and gutted," to have body parts cut off, and to "die a slow, painful death,” the News reported.

Morgan met with the purported KKK member on Aug. 25 at an Oxford, Ala., motel to discuss payment arrangements for the murder-for-hire plot. That’s when Morgan said he and his wife would have “airtight” alibis for the killing since she was in the hospital and he could go visit her on the day of the murder.

But that’s as far as the plot went, and Morgan was arrested and taken into custody by federal authorities.