A US Army soldier working as part of military police in Alaska has been arrested on suspicions of spying according to a US Army official, Reuters reported on Tuesday,

Specialist William Colton Millay, 22, was arrested following an investigation by both the FBI and the Army, Reuters reported. This case is said to be completely unrelated to the pending cases regarding WikiLeaks.

Though this case may not be as serious as that situation, The Army Times reported that the Army may be trying to send a message to soldiers through these charges.

The Army wants to send a message to other soldiers that this is not acceptable, and it will be dealt with extremely harshly, Rinckey said to the paper.

Millay will be brought up on military charges and will not be taken to federal court, according to the Army Times.

The paper talked to high school friends of Millay who said he was patriotic and a big supporter of former president George W. Bush.