Florida Representative Allen West (R) thinks that 70 to 81 House Democrats are communists. There are currently 190 Democrats in the House.

West made the revelation in response to a question posed to him at a Town Hall meeting held Tuesday at Jensen Beach.

The questioner asked West what percentage of American legislators were anarchists, communists or international socialists (the audio is muffled). As audience members shushed each other to hear the response, West dropped the bombshell.

I believe there's about 70, 80...81 members of the Democratic party who are members of the Communist party, he said according to a video posted online of the event.

West refused to elaborate further and did not specify which House Democrats he was speaking about.

During the town hall meeting, West also said President Obama would never debate publicly with him over policies because he was scared.

I really wish that, standing here before you, was Allen West and President Obama, West said according to the Palm Beach Post. We could have a simple discussion. But that ain't ever gonna happen.

Why not? inquired an audience member.

Cuz he was too scared! The freshmen Republican responded in a mocking voice.

West meet Obama briefly at a White House holiday party.

Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Murphy dismissed West's statements as a publicity stunt.

The bottom line is, Allen West is trying to make it in the press with comments that don't even make sense, Murphy said to the Palm Beach Post. He's trying to make headlines, get a rise out of people and not get anything done.

Buzz has surrounded West in regards to the 2012 presidential election. Both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain have thrown their support behind West, saying he should be the vice presidential candidate on the 2012 Republican ticket, reported Talking Points Memo.

Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity on Fox that when I talk about going rogue, what I want to do is encourage the GOP nominee to not think that they have to go with somebody necessarily safe that conventional wisdom perhaps would lead somebody to believe that, if it's somebody, quote-unquote, safe, that they're not going to get beat up by the media, because no matter who it is.

West said he would join the 2012 Republican ticket if it was the right fit.

The focus is, of course, being a good congressional representative, West said in an interview with CNN according to the Hill. But if someone were to make that call to me, which I really doubt is ever going to happen, you would have to make sure that it is something that God would ordain for you, and you'd have to talk to your wife, my wife and my two daughters about. But we have always stepped up to the plate to serve our country. And if it's the right fit, then I will do so.