Former child star and vehicular menace Amanda Bynes has finally gotten the memo to put down her car keys, it seems.  After having her license suspended following a DUI arrest (in addition to two other hit-and-runs) Bynes appears to have hired a chauffeur.

According to reports, the "What I Like About You" actress was spotted getting into a chauffeured SUV, after exiting a Starbucks in West Hollywood at around 11 p.m. Bynes was seen having "a late night in Hollwood," said TMZ, "but instead of a nightclub ... she was at Starbucks - and more importantly, she did not drive home afterwards."

After allegedly spending over 3 hours inside the popular coffee chain, listening to music and talking on her phone, Bynes decided to call it a night and stepped into the back seat of the chauffeured car, but not before hiding her face in order to avoid being photographed by paparazzi.

"A Starbucks employee unlocked the front door to let Amanda out of the store," said TMZ.  "But with her face fully covered she had to be very carefully led to a waiting SUV. Amanda got in the back seat."

Following her legal troubles, Bynes has also been fighting off tabloid accusations that she is mentally unwell. On Monday, she incited further alarm when she allegedly locked herself into a dressing room in a clothing store called Kin, in West Hollywood, for almost two hours. According to the clerk who eventually came to check on her, Bynes refused to come out when asked, and said, "I need more time."

When she finally did return from the dressing room, the clerk claimed that Bynes seemed disoriented and had forgotten she was still wearing some of the clothing items that she had been trying on, but paid for them before leaving.

"I was so worried about her. I didn't know what she was doing in [the dressing room]. I didn't know if she was overdosing or doing drugs, or what," said the clerk, reported TMZ.

But according to Fox News, the 26-year old actress has been telling her friends that she does not need professional help and that the media's claims about her wellbeing are simply "being blown way out of proportion."

In addition to the hit and run charges against her, for which Bynes will face an arraignment on Sept. 27, the actress was also photographed by paparazzi last week, smoking what appeared to be marijuana in her BMW.