Good news for those who are fans of the Amazon Kindle Fire, the most successful Android tablet that is not really an Android tablet since it is not recognized by Google. Rumors are popping up regarding a brand spanking new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet device, that is expect to launch in 2012. Let's just say the tablet wars just got a little more interesting.

According to rumored leaked supplier data, Amazon is aiming to burn the competition with the launch of the Kindle Fire 2 in 2012. The new Amazon tablet will feature the same 7-inch display, but with a higher resolution and better overall specification as expected with any 2nd generation device.

Furthermore, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is not the only tablet device expected from the company in 2012. Along with the Kindle Fire 2, Amazon plans to launch two other tablets, which would have the company launching three tablets ranging from low end, mid-range, and high end.

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is the most popular Android tablet of them all, but it is not popular because of its hardware feature or rather lack thereof. Amazon's sexy looking 7-inch tablet is successful due to the plethora of Amazon services available on the device. This goes to show that good content is king and high specs doesn't always sell a device.

Due to Amazon's success in the tablet space, Google is on the verge of launching a competing 7-inch tablet of its own with the help of Asus. The Google Nexus Tablet is expected to make inroads in 2012, but with Amazon making plans to launch multiple devices, Windows 8 tablets gearing up for launch later in 2012, and the rumored Apple iPad Mini, Google is in a bit of a predicament.

Amazon managed to sell 3.48 million of the Kindle Fire during the 4th quarter of 2011. No other Android tablet even came close to those numbers. Amazon is now sitting with 14% market share, a far cry from Apple, but still enough to make Google shake in its boots.

(reported by Vamien MacKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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