may be opening a small retail store in Seattle within the coming months. According to the Good E-Reader blog, Amazon is primarily interested in testing out the market and seeing whether a chain of stores could prove profitable or not. However, rather than constructing a mega-store, the online retailer plans on opening a boutique-like shop that focuses on the sales of their e-readers, tablets and other high-end products. 

The store will also be selling Amazon's exclusive line of books, which other major retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million have refused to carry. Having recently launched a publishing division, the company has secured many upcoming and independent writers. 

This is exciting news and Amazon in a great position to make a strong go out of their retail endeavors says Michael Kozlowski of the Good E-Reader blog. They are starting out local and small mainly to test the waters with the new store, but also to figure out how they're going to avoid paying massive taxes.