Amazon is in New York City today to unveil the company's first-ever tablet, an expansion of its Kindle e-Reader, officially called the Amazon Fire.

But first, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled another device: the Kindle Touch 3G. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi, free 3G wireless capability, long battery life, and an advanced e-ink display, the Kindle Touch 3G is a top of the line Kindle. Pre-orders start today at $149.

The Kindle Touch 3G will work with a touch interface, instead of Kindle's current e-reader, which works with a keyboard and buttons.

Amazon will also reportedly release its first tablet, which is Wi-Fi only, for an economical $200. The tablet will not feature a microphone, but considering the tablet is $300 cheaper than the cheapest iPad, this will be an excellent tablet option for buyers on a budget. Again, just to reiterate, one could potentially buy two Amazon Fires for $100 less than the price the cheapest iPad.

However, Amazon will also reportedly release a second 10 tablet in early 2012, which will feature both 3G and WiFi.

Amazon had long been contemplating venturing into the tablet market, given its success of its Kindle e-Reader, reading apps, and its own app store. Many originally hoped Amazon would be the first company to produce a tablet that would finally challenge Apple's dominant iPad.

It was even rumored at one point that Amazon would release two tablets, codenamed Coyote and Hollywood, which would both feature different core processors.

Amazon, like Apple, refused to even acknowledge the existence of a tablet prior to the company's press conference.