Amber Cole, the 14-year-old schoolgirl who appeared in a video performing oral sex on her boyfriend, has used the resultant scandal to stand against online bullies.

Despite the malicious video appearing online, rumors are swirling as to whether she is back together with the boy. The idea is strengthened due to Cole's shocking tweets that clearly show that she is advocating love for the two boys involved and calling for apologies for them.

The video scandal has become one of the most unusual cases of teen bullying in the past couple of years. The reaction to the video, which led to a debate over teen bullying after it went viral online, was explained, step by step, by Cole herself. Via her Twitter account, Cole gave a detailed explanation about the pain victims of teen bullying go through.

But on Friday the video scandal took a stranger turn: Cole tweeted that she loves the two boys and wants them back in her life. “So what if [first boy] exposed me. It doesn’t change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him.”

She tweeted again “I miss him” adding “I love you both … you both will forever be in my heart.” She added, “I just want these 2 boys in my life and I’m good.”

Earlier, on Oct. 18, Cole had tweeted her followers, “I will be pressing charges on the 3 boys who were there.”

By evening, she repeatedly posted on her Twitter accounts about the two boys stating, “I will never trust [you] … again” and “[you] will be serving [time].

Later, she started referring to the two boys by their names, and, on Oct. 20, she tweeted “@YourMomHouse and @ RatchetRalph are the worst people God has created! Someone needs to stop them NOW, before its another victim like me!”

However, experts studying Cole’s tweet commented that she might have become desperate to gain people's attention.

It has been rumored Cole agreed to perform oral sex on her boyfriend just to win him back. However, she was unaware someone had filmed the act and uploaded the video on the Web.

What happened next was totally unexpected from Cole. She apologized to the boys who were allegedly involved in the video on Friday. And she tweeted Saturday that “@RatchetRalph n @YourMomHouse are always going to be in my heart so I told my parents not to press charges.”

Cole, who is at the center of a huge controversy involving child porn, tweeted that CBS news channel has asked her for an interview. But is it right for her to go on national TV and talk about the incident that everyone is talking about?


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