Leave Amber Cole Alone, is one of the top trending topics across social media platforms in the United States. Why? Because many Americans believe that it is wrong to allow a video of a 14-year-old performing oral sex on her boyfriend to go viral.

The Amber Cole trend started when a video of the girl was posted after she has been taped in flagrante delicto, in her school grounds. Many people have condemned Amber Cole's actions in what has become a stream of online bullying, calling her a slut, cock sucker and little ho, but even more people have taken to twitter opposing these comments saying such bullying could lead to the girls suicide.Rumors of Cole's suicide have already started to generate on Twitter, but they are yet to be verifyed by a credible source.

Here are some of the top Leave Amber Cole Alone Tweets:





The most popular Leave Amber Cole Alone' standing is that from jordannmariebaby on YouTube: The video has almost reached 200,000 page views and shows a girl, who looks around the same age as Amber Cole, condemning people for bullying her. The video itself has been mocked and people have criticized it for turning the serious nature of the situation into a satire.

I'm sorry but please stop because although I feel sorry for he im 14 and and if i ever did that with bf at least don't put it on video smh? so please stop with your fake ass crying because if you do know her you feel the same damn way k! bleachkhnaruto234 said in a comment under the video.

Sweetheart are u aware that u are condoning minors engaging in sexual activity? I understand the point you were trying to get across but u did it poorly, yes Amber Cole is being scrutinized to the max, any other lil girl wouldn't have been harassed to this extent, however, for u to say she's not wrong for what she did is outrageous, it shows a lack of moral standards on ur behalf and? I hope ur happy with the publicity uve earned urself, smh its truly disgusting,Th3S0cialit3 wrote.

Others have criticized the circulation of the Amber Cole video saying that it is classed as child pornography. There are people her age having babies, leave the girl alone you are spreading child porn and its SICK,' Alice Brennan said in a Facebook post.

Here are some more Videos mocking Leave Amber Cole Alone that have sparked attention on YouTube:

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