Jack the Cat has been missing for two months now, since he escaped from his carrier in the American Airlines baggage area at John F. Kennedy International Airport. But his owner and her thousands of online supporters aren't giving up hope.

Saturday was dubbed Jack the Cat Awareness Day at the airport, and one of the searchers said the goal was to make sure all 37,000 airport employees knew about Jack.

You would be surprised the amount of people at JFK that are not aware that Jack is missing, Bonnie Folz, one of the searchers, said in a statement. There are construction workers, shop workers, store workers, garage cleaners, garage security, terminal security and a whole lot more. Any one of them could be the one who sees Jack, but they need to know he is missing.

Jack went missing on Aug. 25 when his owner, Karen Pascoe, was flying from New York to San Francisco for a new job. Jack and Pascoe's other cat, Barry, were in separate kennels, but when an American Airlines employee stacked the two kennels, one of them fell and Jack escaped. He has not been seen since.

A Facebook page dedicated to Jack, Jack the Cat Is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK, had 15,882 followers as of Monday afternoon.

No updates have been posted on the American Airlines Facebook page since Sept. 9, but a spokesman told The New York Observer earlier this month that the search was ongoing.

But that hasn't stopped the growing PR nightmare for American Airlines. An unknown number of passengers have vowed to boycott the airline until Jack is found.

The area around JFK has been plastered with fliers, and American Airlines is working with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as well as local animal shelters to find Jack. A few days after Jack was lost, officials placed humane traps around the airport to try to catch him, but to no avail. They have even hired a pet detective, but Jack, an 18-pound orange cat, remains missing.