A new consumer study survey of the U.S. families reveals that American families have started using the home wireless bandwagon extensively, and there does not seem to be any turning back.

The study titled The Home Wireless Usage Survey was conducted this summer by Opinion Research for Cisco's Home Networking business unit.

Among the families surveyed with home wireless networks, it was found that the majority were using their home wireless regularly for multiple uses with multiple devices connected simultaneously, said a Cisco press release.

The survey also revealed that speed and ease of use are now the top purchase considerations for home wireless solutions.

The Home Wireless Usage survey validates that consumers are now embracing a wireless connected lifestyle for the entire family, said Brett Wingo, general manager, Cisco Home Networking business unit.

The online survey included 250 adults from across the U.S. with home wireless and at least one child living in their homes.

The study concluded that the usage of wireless devices started from something as simple as email and Web surfing with 92 percent to downloading videos, accessing Smartphone, and connecting to game consoles at 67, 41 and 66 percent respectively.

All members of the family are reportedly accustomed to and frequent in using the wireless devices, with 71 percent adults using it almost seven days a week.

When it comes to the selection of the wireless network, speed and ease of use are found to be the top considerations for the families.

Currently, 22 percent bought their wireless router based on speed, followed by 17 percent for low price, and 15 percent for ease of use, said the press release.