American Horror Story
Lily Rabe's character, Misty Day, is influenced by Stevie Nicks. Michele K. Short/FX

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac is the “white witch” … according to “American Horror Story” character Misty Day. The third season of the FX mini-series has cast a spell on viewers and reignited old rumors that the 65-year-old singer practices magic.

Misty Day, played by “American Horror Story” vet Lily Rabe, is a witch with the power of resurgence. An outcast because of her powers, Misty was burned at the stake in the season premiere – but due to her magic was able to survive.

Viewers first get to learn a little bit more about Misty Day when she meets Zoe and Franken-Kyle. It’s while she’s tending to Kyle in her swamp cabin that “American Horror Story” fans see that she’s OBSESSED with Stevie Nicks.

As “Rhiannon” plays in the cabin, Zoe asks who sings the song. “Fleetwood Mac,” Misty tells Zoe. “Stevie Nicks is my hero.”

And while Zoe initially thinks Stevie Nicks is from “American Idol,” Misty clears it up for her. “Stevie Nicks. The White Witch,” she informs Zoe. “The only witch before you I’ve ever know.”

“She’s an actual witch?” Zoe asks. “Listen to the lyrics,” she replies. “This song was her anthem.”

During 1975 to 1978 Nicks had introduced “Rhiannon” in concerts as “a song about a Welsh witch.” Due to her song lyrics and mainly black wardrobe, Nicks was labeled a witch and developed Wiccan fascinated stalkers.

As co-creator Ryan Murphy explained to Entertainment Weekly, he was always obsessed with Stevie Nicks songs growing up and one thing that stuck with him was the whole “witch” rumor. “I remember reading an article where Courtney Love called Stevie Nicks the ‘white witch’ and Grace Slick the ‘dark witch,’” Murphy told EW.

Murphy developed the idea of vulnerable and alone Misty being dependent on the only witch she’s ever known – Stevie Nicks. “She’s quite isolated and lonely, and she has this love affair with Stevie,” Lily Rabe said in an interview with “Stevie is her idol and the lyrics are her mantras that she lives by. She’s looking for someone to help her understand why she is the way she is, so in that way her soul is nourished by Stevie.”

But before Misty’s obsession with Nicks came to life on screen Murphy had to ask Nicks permission to use her and her music in the drama. “She was very resistant because from the beginning of her career people who are in the Wiccan community had given her a hard time thinking she was a witch and she got a lot of scary fan letters,” the co-creator said of getting Nicks involved. “She didn’t like the darkness of that, and I explained to her the part and she’s like, ‘Aw f**k, let’s just do it. OK, I love it.’”

So, is Stevie Nicks a witch?

“She’s not a witch,” Ryan Murphy to EW. “But she has an attraction to those mystical creatures because they’re fun to write about.”

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