Fans of the "American Horror Story" franchise need wait only until October for their horror fix when the fourth season will premiere, just in time for Halloween. While the co-creator Ryan Murphy has dropped some hints as to what it may look like, there is little indication of what the storyline will be. But if you watched carefully in "Coven," there were a few possible hints as to what the show may look like.

Murphy told fans to start looking for clues in episode 10 of "Coven," and imaginations ran wild with fans suspecting the theme would be a circus or a carnival. Murphy, who claims to read all these rumors online, has said in interviews that fans have yet to guess the story line. There are, however, a few things we know are happening as we dispel the rumors.

First, Jessica Lange is learning a German accent, and her character in the fourth installment will be a performer, and this is where the circus rumors probably started. It is a period piece, and will travel between the 1950s and the present day.

Fashion and designers like Diane von Furstenberg were often referenced in "Coven," which brings us to the next possible clue. Myrtle Snow, while being burned at the stake, screamed “Balenciaga.” This one word has left us to think about the possibility of Auschwitz; Bridgette Hoss was a model of the French house Balenciaga in the 1950s, and her father was the commandant of the German death camp in occupied Poland.

Hoss escaped to Spain after her father was hanged in 1947. Her story was only recently publicized, as many wonder if it will be the plot for the next series.  But this scenario is unlikely, as we already saw Nazis in the second season, "Asylum." One thing we know about the successful franchise is to expect the unexpected, and plots and characters are never repeated.

Dispelling the rumors and providing the spoilers was IBTimes' resident TV reporter, Amanda Remling. Remling is excited to see what the next installment will bring and which actors will return. The only one confirmed is Lange, who has won critical praise for her part in the franchise, earning her an Emmy Award, SAG and a Golden Globe.