The blood continued to spill during episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Check out the top moments from the Season 5 installment, titled “Mommy”:

New BFFs

Tristan (Finn Wittrock) is making himself at home at Hotel Cortez. The ex-model visits the mysterious floor where he first met James March (Evan Peters), the original owner of the building. Although he didn’t understand James at first, he’s now much more knowledgeable about the legendary serial killer -- all thanks to Google.

Tristan tells James that “killing is awesome,” and the two geek out over all the “enhancements” that Hotel Cortez has. From secret rooms, hinged walls, acid pits, asphyxiation chambers and “black closets” -- the building is fixed with everything a serial killer could dream of. Unfortunately, since James is dead, those rooms haven’t been given much love in recent years. However, Tristan is willing to take on the task of putting those rooms to “good use.”

And it appears as if he may have found a new victim. Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) enters the floor with Claudia (Naomi Campbell), an editor for Vogue. The two are discussing how to revamp the floor when they come across Tristan. Needless to say, Drake is not happy to see them after their last encounter at the fashion show. He threatens to call the police on Tristan if he sees him inside the hotel again. But Tristan doesn’t care. Although James and Ms. Evers (Mare Winningham) are worried about Will Drake gutting the floor, Tristan promises them that he has it covered.

AHS Tristan Tristan (Finn Wittrock) made a promise to help keep Hotel Cortez intact in episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Photo: FX

Alex’s Secret

“American Horror Story” viewers get to learn a little bit more about Alex (Chloë Sevigny) in episode 3. While caring for her patient from last week with the measles, fans learn that she never wanted to have children. Despite being a pediatrician, she always cared more about saving kids than having some of her own. She attributes that to her own messed up childhood. However, her feelings changed after she had her second child, Holden (Lennon Henry).

Her life crumbled when Holden disappeared. Alex was hopeful at first, but a year after his disappearance she decided she couldn’t move on. She  cut herself in a bathtub to kill herself, but her husband John (Wes Bentley) found her in time.

Now the family goes to therapy to deal with their grief -- something that they’re revisiting after Scarlett (Shree Crooks) returned home claiming that Holden was alive. Alex believes that her daughter is trying to hurt her, but Scarlett insists that she saw her baby brother.

Goodbye, Claudia

After meeting with Will Drake, Claudia returns to her hotel room. But that was a bad move. Upon laying down on the mattress, a hand reaches through and begins to choke her -- it's Gabriel (Max Greenfield). Claudia jumps up and tries to protect herself, but it’s too late. Gabriel gets the upper hand and stabs her repeatedly.

AHS Claudia Claudia (Naomi Campbell) has an unfortunate accident while in her room during episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Photo: FX

The Ten Commandments Killer Strikes Again

John is at another crime scene from the Ten Commandments killer, this one for “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.” This time the killer struck at a gossip site newsroom, where he nailed the tongues of reporters to their desks.

John returns to the hotel after a long day, but doesn’t get much rest. Gabriel runs into him upon entering the building.

“Help me,” he gasps.

John brings Gabriel to the hospital where he manages to get out that he “didn’t mean to kill her.” John doesn’t know who Gabriel is talking about, but Gabriel adds that he thought it was the other one, "the junkie w----."

“She lied to me. She said I would be free,” Gabriel tells him before flat lining.

John knows exactly who he’s talking about -- Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson). He goes back to the hotel to get answers, but Ms. Evers is cleaning Claudia’s room. Hypodermic Sally appears behind him and tells him that she heard that Claudia checked out early. But John doesn’t trust her.

He follows Sally into her room where she slyly mentions the Ten Commandments. Suspecting her at being linked to the murders, John arrests her and takes her downstairs. However, the two don’t make it past the elevator. As the lights flicker in the elevator, Sally does her best to seduce him. It appears to work, but John stops her.

“I want to help you,” he tells her.

But there is no helping Sally. “I wish you could,” she responds.

“You’ll see,” she adds before disappearing. “You and I are meant to be.”

Will Drake Must Die

Keeping his promise to James, Tristan visits Will Drake to seduce then kill him. However, Will Drake has a guardian angel watching over him -- Countess Elizabeth (Lady Gaga).

Tristan is kissing Will Drake when he takes out a knife to kill him. The Countess stops him though with a simple hand motion.

Why does Countess Elizabeth want to keep Will Drake alive? She’s got her reasons. But just like Tristan, she wants a piece of him first.

Although Will Drake is gay, The Countess successfully seduces him and starts putting dark thoughts in him. She tells him that Will Drake has to die, and he takes is figuratively. He admits that he’s out of fresh ideas. However, The Countess insists that he needs to “burn” so he can “rise from the ashes.”

The two begin to kiss, but are interrupted by Tristan. The Countess leaves, but not before promising to call Will Drake later.

Will Drake is confused -- and so is Tristan. He thinks that his relationship with Countess Elizabeth is over, but she explains to him that it’s all about the money.

You see, The Countess gave all her money -- stocks, bonds and the hotel -- to Bernie Madoff. When he went to jail she lost everything.

“Will Drake cant die until after I marry him and take every goddamn penny,” she explains to Tristan.

Mother Dearest

Now that The Countess ended her relationship with Donovan (Matt Bomer), Iris (Kathy Bates) is looking to get them out of that hotel. Donovan wants nothing to do with his mother though. He insists that she made his life miserable, which is what lead him to drugs. In fact, he adds that he wanted to die to get away from her.

Iris can’t bear to hear him say those things and tells him that she doesn’t know who she is if she’s not his mother. Donovan could care less though. He tells her to kill herself.

With her son despising her, Iris decides to listen to him. She goes to her archenemy, Sally, to get the job done. Iris wants Sally to inject her with drugs to kill her, but Sally wants to push her out the window, just like Iris did to her. Ultimately she listens to Iris, but she makes her promise something first.

“You don’t have any unfinished business here?” Sally asks. “I want to be done with your miserable, old a-- … Don’t haunt my hallways, b----.”

Meet Ramona Royale

“American Horror Story” fans finally meet Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) in episode 3. Donovan stumbles across her after drinking the blood of some junkies. He thinks that she’s easy prey, but Ramona is tougher than she looks. She Tasers him and tosses him in her trunk.

Donovan wakes up at Ramona’s mansion and finds that she’s cleaning his blood to get the drugs out of it. It’s revealed that she’s just like him.

In 1977 Ramona was the queen of B movies, however she wanted more. She met with a producer one night in an attempt to make her way onto more mainstream movies, however her meeting was cut short by The Countess. Like everyone else that viewers met, The Countess seduced Ramona and infected her with the ancient blood virus. The two stayed together until 1991, but then Ramona met a rapper named Prophet Moses. Ramona was immediately attracted to him and believed him to be the “great love” of her life. She was ready to be with him forever, and he felt the same.

Ramona cut herself to allow him to feed on her, however their eternity was cut short soon after. The Countess followed the two to a recording studio and killed everyone there. When Prophet Moses turned a gun on her, she ripped it out of his hands and shot him in the head.

According to Ramona, The Countess killed her one true love because she couldn’t have one of her creations creating someone else. Now Ramona wants revenge. She wants to kill the one thing that Countess Elizabeth really cares about – her babies.

So, how does Donovan factor into this? Ramona wants Donovan to be her spy on the inside. However, her plan has one big flaw -- The Countess dumped Donovan. She tells him to leave after learning that major detail.

AHS Ramona "American Horror Story: Hotel" viewers meet Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) in episode 3. Photo: FX

The End Of John And Alex

John is going a little crazy at the hotel, especially after watching Sally disappear. Alex appearing at the hotel doesn’t make things any easier. It’s not a social visit with her husband -- she has divorce papers.

Alex tells him that although they love each other it’s not enough. She thinks that Scarlett is acting out because they haven’t moved on after Holden. The news causes John to break down and start crying.

“Something’s wrong with me,” he tells her. “I think I’m going crazy. I think I’m seeing things.”

Alex takes him to his room and gives him a pill to help him sleep. He apologizes and the two seem to be on good terms – really good terms because they start to kiss. However, Alex comes to her senses when John accidentally tells her that they should have another baby. She leaves the room and tells him to contact her lawyer about any questions.

The elevator doesn’t come, forcing Alex to walk down a hall to look for stairs. She stumbles across a bloody Claudia, who asks if she is in hell. Alex retreats and finds her son at the end of another hallway. This time Holden doesn’t run.

“Hi, mommy,” he says to her.

The Ancient Blood Virus Continues

After getting released by Ramona, Donovan returns to Hotel Cortez. He’s having a pity party at the bar when Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare) tells him to snap out of it. He explains that he’s the luckiest person to have ever checked into the hotel, and that he will never find anyone who loves him as much as his mother does.

This makes Donovan rethink his relationship with Iris. But by then it’s too late. Sally injects her with drugs and wraps a plastic bag around her head to kill her. Donovan shows up to find her dead, but he’s not ready to let go of his mother.

“She cant be dead, she’s all I got,” he tells Sally before cutting himself and feeding Iris his blood.

AHS Donovan Donovan (Matt Bomer) makes a big decision in episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Photo: FX