Things took a strange turn during Wednesday’s episode of “American Horror Story.” Some of the cast assumed new roles and returned to the Roanoke farmhouse to participate in a haunting new reality series.

During Season 6, episode 6 of the FX original series, viewers are introduced to Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson), who is turning Matt (André Holland) and Shelby’s (Lily Rabe) haunting experience in the backwoods of North Carolina into television gold. He had called on the pair to reunite with the reenactors who played them and the ghosts haunting their former home — sans The Butcher/Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates), who has been served with a restraining order — to live together in the house during the blood moon in the hopes of capturing some drama between the living and dead residents. Sidney and his crew have planted some pop-out frights throughout the house to manufacture scares he doesn’t believe could possibly happen otherwise.

While he doubts Matt, Shelby, Lee (Adina Porter) and the actors will encounter any paranormal activity, there is no shortage of strange happenings occurring inside the “My Roanoke Nightmare” house. One crew member and Sidney’s assistant are dead before the cameras even begin rolling on his new reality show, but he’s determined to move forward with production anyway. Before long it’s revealed that all but one member of the reality show’s cast were killed inside the farmhouse.

The days leading up to their deaths are filled with horrors including, but not limited to, pig man sightings, attacks from The Butcher, and even an appearance from a very crisp and bloody Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield). Additionally, those chosen to live in the farmhouse are struggling to get along for various reasons, many of which stem from past incidents there, things that occurred during filming and personal demons.  Here are the seven biggest twists revealed during Season 6, episode 6 of “American Horror Story:”

No One Is Who You Thought They Were:

This should have been fairly obvious from the beginning, but everyone — including The Butcher, Edward Phillipe Mott (Evan Peters), Priscilla (Estelle Hermansen) and the pig man — viewers were previously introduced to on “American Horror Story” were just acting. Peters is now playing actor Rory, a somewhat clueless but very loveable (and now dead...again) man who is married to Sarah Paulson’s actress character, Audrey. He met his wife — who, it turns out, is British — during filming and the pair married shortly after. Angela Bassett is now an actress named Monet and is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Cuba Gooding Jr. — now playing an actor named Dominic — arrived at the house later than the rest of the cast, creating quite a stir.

Agnes, played by Bates, has been asked to stay away from filming because, as was revealed during a one-on-one between she and Sidney, she apparently took her work home with her. Footage shows her attacking people on the street in Hollywood dressed as The Butcher, wielding her character's signature weapon. She claims that she’s gotten help and is on a balanced medical regimen, but Sidney believes she’s responsible for strange pig-related happenings on the set of his new show.

Matt And Shelby Are Separated:

Following their time in the “My Roanoke Nightmare” farmhouse, Matt and Shelby struggled with their marriage. They decided to separate, at which time Shelby found solace in the arms of Dominic, who played her husband in the reenactment. This creates serious drama on the set of the reality show.

Lee Is Sober And Has Not Forgiven Shelby:

Early in Season 6, Shelby turns on Lee during the search for her daughter Flora (Saniyya Sidney), telling police that she was responsible for Mason’s death (though, it’s worth noting, there is no real proof that she or anyone else is directly responsible for setting him aflame). The pair face one another for the first time in quite some time during episode 6, during which it is revealed that Lee is still harboring some bad feelings toward Shelby. She is in a much better state of mind these days, however, as she appears to have quit drinking once more. Sidney hopes to derail her sobriety during her time in the house to create more drama and theatrics for his reality show, but only time will tell if he’s successful in doing so.

Matt And Shelby May Have Had A Child:

For much of Season 6 Shelby has been wearing a necklace with her and her husband’s initials — M and S — on it. In episode 6 she is still wearing the charms, despite the fact that her marriage is not in a good place. The necklace appears to have a new charm on it, though it is not clear during the episode what the charm is. Some have speculated that it may be a clue that Matt and Shelby welcomed a child in the time since they left the “My Roanoke Nightmare” house. It may also be something else — a symbol of strength to push Shelby through after surviving such a terrifying few months or perhaps something even deeper.

Lady Gaga’s Character Does Not Appear To Have Been Invited:

The “Joanne” singer’s witchy character appeared only a few times during the first portion of Season 6 of “American Horror Story,” but made a big impact. She and Matt were apparently intimate in the dark and scary North Carolina woods surrounding the farmhouse on more than one occasion, though Matt remembers none of it. She has also been revealed to be a callback to Season 4 — “Coven.” “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy recently told Entertainment Weekly she is the First Supreme in Season 6, which suggests that viewers still have a lot to learn about her before seasons end. She is not one of the people chosen to live in the farmhouse for the reality show, which leaves fans wondering when and if she’ll return.

We Haven’t Seen The Last Of The Butcher:

Although she was asked to stay far, far away from the set of Sidney’s reality show, it seems highly unlikely that Agnes will do so — and that’s the way the diabolical producer wants it. During the first night in the house, Audrey and Rory spot Agnes dressed as the Butcher outside a kitchen window, which leaves everyone on edge. Audrey reveals that she was terrorized by Agnes for weeks after winning a highly coveted award — a Saturn — for her role as Shelby. She tells Sidney she’s not comfortable staying in the house, but he insists there will be no trouble from Agnes.

Almost No One Survived A Second Time In The Farmhouse During The Blood Moon:

Early in the episode it’s revealed that everyone who agreed to live in the farmhouse during the blood moon for the sake of reality television was killed — everyone, that is, but one mystery person. It is not clear at this time who the lone survivor is, but viewers can eliminate a few people from the running. During the episode Rory was killed after running upstairs to check on Audrey’s claim that someone was standing in the bathroom after her shower. While checking closets for the pig man, Miranda and Bridget — the  real killer nurses from episode 3 — sneak up and kill him, completing their murder puzzle. Matt is the first to notice, alerting the rest of the cast that the R has been added to the “MURDE” spelled out in blood on a wall.

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