The “American Horror Story” Season 6 theme has been revealed! Episode 1 of the FX anthology series premiered Wednesday night, confirming that the sixth installment is titled “My Roanoke Nightmare.”

Season 6, episode 1 kicks off with the reenactment of a “true story.” A couple, Shelby and Matt, are telling a camera crew what happened to them as part of a TV series called “My Roanoke Nightmare.” Matt and Shelby were the perfect couple living in Los Angeles. They went out one night to celebrate Shelby’s pregnancy and Matt’s promotion when Matt was attacked in a game of “knockout,” which was part of a gang initiation. Matt ultimately regained consciousness, but Shelby lost the baby. The couple no longer felt safe in the city and decided to move to North Caroline. It was there that they found their dream home, an old farmhouse built in 1792.

Check out the sixmost important things to happen in the “American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare” premiere below:

Hillbillies Or Raccoons?

Nothing kills a sexy moment like some crazy noises. Matt and Shelby are having sex when they hear some banging outside. Shelby is scared, but Matt goes outside to investigate. He thinks that it’s simply the hillbillies who he outbid to win the house. However, something else appears to have caused a disturbance outside. Their trashcans are completely shredded and covered in blood.

It’s Raining Teeth

Shelby is alone at the house one day when she hears something pelting the windows. Could it be hail? Nope, it’s human teeth. She calls Matt to come home, but by then the teeth are gone.

A Midnight Swim

Matt has to go away on a business trip and leaves Shelby at home alone. Things take a spooky turn when she sees two women walk across the hallway into the library. However, when she goes into her room, she doesn’t find anyone there.

Despite that bizarre encounter, Shelby decides to go outside to enjoy a soak in the hot tub. That takes another frightening turn when someone shoves Shelby under water. Shelby eventually resurfaces and runs inside to call the police and her husband. She tells the police that her attackers were wearing old costumes and had pitchforks and torches, but the police don’t find signs of anyone else there. They tell that to Matt when he returns home.


Shelby had a bad feeling about the house, but didn’t want to tell Matt. She wasn’t the only one experiencing chilling things though. Strange noises wake Matt in the middle of the night. He goes outside to find a dead pig on his front porch. Not wanting to scare Shelby, Matt decides to bury it and pretend it never happened.

The Worst Sleepover Party Over

Matt has to go on another business trip, but doesn’t want to leave Shelby alone. He sets up security cameras around the house and asks his sister, Lee, to stay over. Lee is a former cop, who was fired after developing a pill habit. Her husband divorced her shortly after.

Despite being family, Lee doesn’t exactly get along with Shelby. She thinks that Shelby is trying to get her brother to move back to the city. However, Lee quickly catches on that something else is going on at the house.

The two women are fighting when the security cameras alert Matt that people are surrounding the house with torches. He tries calling their phones, but Lee and Shelby don’t hear. The sound of a door opening draws them into the basement where they find an old TV playing a home video. The video shows what appears to be a man wearing a pig head attacking another man. The door to the basement closes before the women can return upstairs, and they quickly discover that a group of people have entered the home.

They hide in the basement until the sounds disappear. When they head back upstairs they find that someone has strung up straw figures hanging from string. The police call it vandalism, and Matt tries to pass it off as neighbors trying to claim their land. However, Shelby is done playing games. It’s fight or flight — and she chooses flight. She takes off in the car before Matt can stop her.

Hit The Breaks

Shelby is driving away from the house when a woman appears in front of her car. Shelby strikes the woman, and exits her car to check on her. To Shelby’s surprise the woman gets up and walks into the woods. Shelby chases after her, but quickly loses sight of her.

Although she didn’t walk far into the woods, Shelby finds herself lost. But she’s not alone in the woods. She finds herself surrounded by a group of people carrying torches — and a bloody man runs up to her screaming.