Things are heating up on Season 6 of “American Horror Story.” Participants in Sidney’s faux reality show “Return to Roanoke” are dropping like flies, and it seems it won’t be long before viewers learn who the one and only survivor will be.

A preview for “Chapter 8” tease bloodshed, angry hillbillies, and the return of both the real Butcher (Susan Berger) and the mysterious pig man. The short clip also provides some insight as to who may die during the eighth episode. Lee (Adina Porter) is seen tied up to a chair in the Polk family grow house where viewers saw Mama Polk (Frances Conroy) and her boys chow down on pieces of Lee jerky in episode 7. She appears to be trying to connect with one of the Polk boys, possibly Cain (Finn Wittrock), asking how his family learned about “Return to Roanoke.”

Meanwhile, Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Shelby (Lily Rabe) are back at the farm house trying to come up with a survival plan. He suggests that sticking together is the best way to beat The Butcher and the many other ghosts haunting the property. Still, in one scene Dominic is shown scooping a very frightened Shelby off the kitchen floor as the pig man sneaks up behind him. Monet (Angela Bassett) can also be heard pleading for her life at one point, while someone — possibly one of the Polks — rifles through tools, seemingly looking for the perfect one to kill her with.

During episode 7 the “Return to Roanoke,” participants noticed that Rory (Evan Peters) had gone missing after running to check the second floor of the farmhouse for the ghost wife Audrey (Sarah Paulson) claimed confronted her after a shower. They were unable to locate his body, but found a pool of blood where — unbeknownst to them — he was stabbed by Miranda and Bridget, the ghosts of two twisted nurses that once lived in the house. Audrey later finds him tied up by all fours, dead and still bleeding in the woods.

Rory wasn’t the only one “American Horror Story” viewers said goodbye to in Season 6, episode 7. Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson), several members of the production team, The Butcher/Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates) and Matt (André Holland) were all killed during the show.

Who will be the next to die on “American Horror Story” Season 6? Here are a few guesses:


In the sneak-peek video for “Chapter 8” the pig man is seen lurking behind Dominic in the farm house kitchen. Unlike previous pig man sightings, this time he’s wielding a large knife, which he appears to be ready to swing at the “Return to Roanoke” bad boy. While there’s a chance he could survive the knife attack, we don’t anticipate him getting that lucky.


After snapping and killing her husband in Season 6, episode 7, Shelby has all but lost it. She appears to be feeling hopeless in newly released clips for the upcoming episode and, fans should recall, is suffering from an injury after being attacked by Agnes. Any horror movie buff knows that’s a recipe for disaster, meaning “American Horror Story” viewers probably shouldn’t get too attached to Shelby.


A portion of the preview for the upcoming episode shows a close up camera shot of Monet screaming bloody murder. She appears to be pleading with someone, seemingly one of the Polks, not to harm her. Given their lack of remorse in episode 7, we’re not convinced her cries for help will be enough to thwart their plans to torture, kill and possibly eat her and the rest of the “Return to Roanoke” crew.


Weak from having lost her husband, Audrey seems like a likely candidate for death in Season 6, episode 8 of “American Horror Story.” She is shown screaming in the Polk grow house, questioning their brutality. With Mama Polk standing over her, we have little hope for her survival.

To find out for sure who lives and who dies in Season 6, episode 8 of “American Horror Story” tune in to FX Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT.