“American Horror Story”
Which of the remaining members of the “Return to Roanoke” cast will survive on “American Horror Story” Season 6? FX

“American Horror Story” writers flipped the script on viewers in Season 6, episode 6, turning the show from a faux reenactment, to a full on fake reality show. A number of already introduced cast members assumed new roles and returned to the now-infamous haunted farmhouse deep in the North Carolina woods.

A new take on the old cast wasn’t the only thing “American Horror Story” viewers had to cope with during the episode. Early in the show a text card came across the screen revealing that just one of the reenactors who agreed to participate in “Return to Roanoke” survived the experience. Thus far it is known that Rory (Evan Peters) — who played Edward Philippe Mott in the first half of Season 6 — was killed while searching the upstairs floor of the farmhouse for the pigman for his wife Audrey (Sarah Paulson) — who played Shelby in the reenactment.

Previews for the episode 7 suggest that there is a living evil force in the house in addition to the many ghosts inhabiting both the structure and the surrounding land. The clip opens with Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.) giving a confessional interview, telling viewers there are loads of benefits to being “the bad guy.” It is unclear whether this means he’ll be contributing to the mischief in the house or fall victim while blinded by his quest for reality stardom.

Meanwhile it will set in for the rest of the cast that the ghosts Matt (Andre Pierre), Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Lee (Adina Porter) claimed they were being haunted by were very much real. The short sneak-peek video shows Matt’s sister leading Monet (Angela Bassett) through the woods while telling her she wasn’t kidding about the haunting at the farmhouse the first time around. Lee warns the actress who portrayed her that the threat around them is very real. After seemingly escaping a threat in the wooded area around the farmhouse, Lee and Monet are seen running through the tunnels Edward Philippe Mott built below his home.

With so much uncertainty it’s hard not to speculate which of the “Return to Roanoke” participants will survive and which will fall victim to The Butcher (formerly Kathy Bates) and her crew. Here are our best guesses ahead of Season 6, episode 7 of “American Horror Story”:


Dominic agreed to participate in “Return to Roanoke,” meaning he and Shelby — who ended up having a one-time affair after filming “My Roanoke Nightmare” — would have to face one another again. While news of his return has Shelby and Matt on edge, Dominic seems to have embraced his role as the evil house guest. If real reality TV is any indication, he’ll either crash and burn quickly or emerge victorious at the end of the experience.


While we wouldn’t have thought it during the first portion of Season 6 of “American Horror Story,” Lee is among the most levelheaded members of the cast. She understands the very real danger facing her and the rest of the “Return to Roanoke” participants and, as a former police officer, is able to make sound, snap judgments. As such, we think she stands a chance of surviving a second time in the farmhouse — provided Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield), who was seen lurking around the house in all his burnt and bloody glory, doesn’t get ahold of her and exact his revenge.


Although he’s wounded from a failed relationship with his wife, Matt may just live to see the outside world once more. He’s calm and knows the dangers of living at the house, especially under the blood moon.

As for Shelby, Monet and Audrey, we suggest not getting too attached. Tune in to “American Horror Story” Season 6, episode 7 Wednesday at 10 p.m EDT on FX.