A Pittsburgh woman was in court Tuesday for the second time after allegedly trespassing at an “American Idol” audition last month.

Brittany Acosta, 21, is accused of trying to force her way into the competition after showing up at an “American Idol” tryout at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Penn., without credentials and refusing to leave, according to local CBS affiliate KDKA news.

According to the police report, Acosta said: “I’m not leaving. This is my dream. My life is ruined,” when she was confronted by authorities at the tryout.

Acosta denied making that statement in an interview with KDKA, adding, “I guess your dreams can get you arrested sometimes.”

Her trespassing case was postponed for the second time after her attorney did not show up in court.

When asked if she felt people were trying to portray her as crazy, Acosta said, “Yeah, pretty much. If you wanna be real and put it that way, yeah.”

Acosta has unsuccessfully attempted to land a spot on “American Idol” six times, spending nearly $10,000 along the way.

Though her attempts to sing for “American Idol” judges were stymied, Acosta was able to sing on camera for a newscaster.

She sampled a song from Kelly Clarkson, a previous “American Idol” winner.

Once the legal proceedings are over, Acosta says she will move to California.

Watch Acosta’s KDKA interview here.