An Israeli army jeep was caught on camera as it sped up and hit a young Palestinian protester on the occupied West Bank Friday. Soldiers also reportedly shot live rounds and used tear gas on protesters. The clash in el-Bireh, near Ramallah, comes amid increasing violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israel. 

When medical personnel showed up to treat the young man who was hit by the jeep, Israelis pushed them away, according to Ma'an News Agency, a Palestinian wire service. Israeli police disputed the accuracy of the interpretation of the video.

In the video, a black jeep is seen driving quickly at two people running away before hitting one. A soldier quickly jumps out of the vehicle and stands next to the injured protester. Afterward, a man in civilian clothes approaches to help, but the soldier keeps him away. As more people show up to help, the soldiers continue to push back.

The uptick in violence between Israeli military forces and Palestinians, sparked in part by conflicting claims to Muslim and Jewish holy places in Jerusalem, marks the bloodiest surge this year, and the United Nations Wednesday called the conflict a near “catastrophe.” There have been 66 Palestinians killed since Oct. 1, some of whom were attacking Israelis.

“The violence between Palestinians and the Israelis will draw us ever closer to a catastrophe if not stopped immediately,” said Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights.

This article has been updated to source the original information to Ma'an News Agency.