It’s safe to say Amina Buddafly had one of the most tense and dramatic storylines on Season 6 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” The singer spent a good portion of the season fighting with her husband, Peter Gunz, and his ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, because they were still sleeping with each other. Things only got worse when Amina went through an emotional abortion only to find out that Tara was pregnant with Peter’s baby.

Since the show wrapped in March, Amina and Peter are still trying to figure things out as they get ready to welcome their second child together, a baby girl named Bronx who’s due this summer. In an interview with Afro Elle magazine, the former Black Buddafly singer opened up about the drama admitting that there has been times when she felt like she shouldn’t have done “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

“Sometimes, I feel like it wasn’t for me, like I shouldn’t really have done it,” she said. “It’s really emotionally been the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through. But on the other hand, I have two children now and I have more money than I’ve ever had.”

Amina also dished on why she packed her bags and took off with her and Peter’s first daughter, Cori Gunz, to Los Angeles. “I was desperate for a change. I needed something different,” she explained. “I needed to make a change in my life because nothing was changing and I was waiting on change from my husband and it wasn’t coming. So I had to make a change and get away from the situation that I was in that was not healthy.”

Despite having her marriage troubles play out on television, Amina revealed that there’s a good chance fans will see her back on Season 7 of the show. “It depends if they pay me what I want,” she jokingly said. “But I might, now that I’m away. I’m away from the situation that I hated so much and that made me look so foolish. I’m away from that, so I would probably do it again.”

Amina announced she was pregnant with her second child in March during the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 6 reunion. She also shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram minutes after the reunion aired. Even though Amina is happily pregnant and excited to welcome her second child, the singer is still trying to figure out where her relationship with Peter is headed. In April, the reality star told that she and her husband were still married and had not filed for divorce, but were not together.

“We don’t live together, and we’re not in a relationship,” she said. “But are we done for good? Only time will tell.”