Another member of the Duggar family has sights set on marriage. After watching her cousins and “19 Kids and Counting” co-stars Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar walk down the aisle, Amy Duggar has revealed she is headed on a similar path.

After rumors she had a wedding with boyfriend Dillon King in the works, the 28-year-old TLC reality-televsion star and aspiring musician recently told about her plans to wed the 27-year-old printing-firm owner. While Amy said she is not actively involved in plans for a proposal, she did share that she has been browsing for the perfect engagement ring.

“We’ve looked around [for engagement rings,] and he knows what I like. We’re both committed,” Amy said.

As for when Amy may make a trip down the aisle, she said it’s all up to her beau. “There is no time frame. I have no idea when it’s happening,” Amy shared. “I don’t want to be involved in the actual engagement, so it’s going to be a huge surprise!”

Amy has been dating Dillon for three months, but they have been friends for five years. Despite dating only for a short period, Amy said she is certain Dillon is the one for her. She called him her “rock” and told “We just knew right away that it was right. I’m grateful he thinks of me as marriage material. We’re raw and real. Some days we hate each other, but we always love each other.”

While Amy shared she is not waiting for her wedding day to kiss Dillon -- they shared their first smooch in November -- she is holding off on enjoying other physical parts of their relationship until marriage. “I have made mistakes in the past,” Amy admitted. “But I can tell you that is something we are waiting on. It’s hard!”

News of Amy’s impending engagement comes three months after her latest cameo on Season 8 of “19 Kids and Counting.” In the episode, “Amy’s Nashville Dreams,” she revealed she was interested in marriage and children, but had yet to find the perfect partner.

“I do want to get married. I do want to have kids. I want to adopt someday. Those things are just not available at the moment,” she said. “God’s timing is perfect, and it’s just not always up to me.”

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