Amy Schumer is all about positive body image these days. After some negative feedback on her curves, the 33-year-old comedian was especially grateful to Entertainment Weekly for not Photoshopping the absolute heck out of her latest nude cover shoot.

The “Inside Amy Schumer” star was given the cover of the magazine this week in a photo that has her lying naked on a pile of mini booze bottles (a clear reference to the movie “American Beauty”).  Almost immediately after the photo went live, Schumer tweeted a photo of what appeared to be the same picture with absolutely no Photoshopping done to it. Unfortunately, she has since removed the picture so we cannot give you a full compare and contrast. However, we got a look at it before it was taken down and it looks like all that the EW editors did was some skin smoothing and a touch-up to make her flesh-colored underwear less visible (sorry everyone, she wasn’t really naked).

It’s a stunning photo that captures both Schumer’s beauty and sense of humor. The cover seeks to raise a glass to the “funny, filthy, fearless new voice” and celebrate her rising star status. According to People magazine, the original plan was to put Schumer in a black dress for the shoot. However, she decided that it’d be more like the "American Beauty" shot they were trying to re-create if she was nude. So, luckily, here we are.

In place of the untouched photo, Schumer used her words to thank the magazine instead.

This isn’t the first time the actress has been vocal about being a proud size 6. When the trailer for her movie with Judd Apatow, “Trainwreck,” dropped in February, Schumer faced some harsh words from critics. According to Today, some were wondering if she had the right look to be the spicy object of all the boys’ affection that she’s billed as in the film. She took to Twitter to shut that noise down in a hurry.

As her Entertainment Weekly story points out, Schumer is poised to have a pretty fantastic year. She’ll host the MTV Movie Awards April 12, followed soon after by the premiere of Season 3 of Comedy Central's “Inside Amy Schumer” on April 21. “Trainwreck” premiered at South by Southwest and was a critical success. It’s expected to make a big splash when it hits theaters nationwide in July.

Check out the raunchy trailer for “Trainwreck” below and then click on over to Entertainment Weekly to get a look at Schumer's phenomenal cover photo.