Amy Winehouse's final recording before her death- a duet with the legendary Tony Bennett- will be released on Wednesday on what would have been the singer's 28th birthday.

Winehouse recorded Body and Soul' for Bennett's Duets II album in March, at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Bennett had approached Winehouse backstage at a charity gig in New York after being blown away by her voice.

 According to Bennett, she was warm and friendly and told him that she would do anything he wanted. We had a beautiful time recording together in the studio and I knew that Amy was very happy with how she performed that day, Bennett said, Reuters reported.

I thought she was absolutely brilliant and this recording truly captures the essence of her unique artistry. She was a rare talent, he said

Winehouse had a long standing battle with drinks and drugs, which have so far not been directly linked to her death although the singer's father believes his daughter died from a seizure brought by years of binge drinking.

She'd been clean (of drugs) for around about three years....Her problem was alcohol, her father, Mitch Winehouse told journalist Anderson Cooper in his first television interview since his daughter's passing.

She had a series of seizures brought on by this binge drinking and then stopping to drink....I think it's what the doctor said, I think she had a seizure and this was the time when there was no one there to rescue her, Winehouse said.

Meanwhile, following Winehouse's death Bennett confessed to his own run in with drugs, admitting that he would take drugs before playing to full houses of people.

Bennett said learning about another artist's challenges with drugs helped him change his own self-destructive behavior. This put things into perspective for Bennett and led him to put an end to taking drugs completely.

Winehouse recorded two full albums before her death, winning her five Grammy awards.

The Winehouse, Bennett duet Body and Soul,' will be released on Sept. 14 with a video premiere on MTV networks.