Amy Winehouse died on Saturday, for what rumors are saying was due to binge drinking and taking ecstasy, though this has not been confirmed. Police have yet to report the cause of death, and say the rumors circulating her death are pure speculation. Until the autopsy is completed, the true cause of death will remain unknown.

I am aware of reports suggesting this death is the result of a suspected drugs overdose, said Superintendent Raj Kohli of the Metropolitan Police, but would like to re-emphasize that no post-mortem has yet been done and that it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death.

At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained and there have been no arrests in connection with the incident, he added.

Like so many artists before her, the tragic news of her death has piqued a mass interest in the singer's music. Before her death, Winehouse only released two complete albums, but since 2006, the singer had been periodically working on a third unreleased album.

The Telegraph reports that sources say that the singer's third album contains a lot of material. It will be up to Winehouse's family to decide if the album is released or not. 

It is inevitable that her death will elevate her reputation and that there will be a third record released, said Phil Alexander, editor-in-chief of Mojo magazine, via the Telegraph.

Stars Pay Their Respects

Best friend and fellow singer Kelly Osbourne, reportedly tweeted her disbelief on Saturday.

I can't even breath right now i'm crying so hard I just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy and will never forget the real you!

Stars took to Twitter to tweet their respects to Winehouse, including Rihanna and Jessica Alba.

Rihanna: I am genuinely heartbroken about this, and Dear God have mercy!!! I am SICK about this right now!

Jessica Alba: So sad about Amy Winehouse- she was so talented. Really tragic.

A shrine of flowers has been made outside the home of the singer, where fans can pay their respects. Flowers, pictures, and even beer cans can be found at the shrine.

iTunes Festival

Just three days before she died, Winehouse made an appearance at The Roundhouse in London to support her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield at the iTunes festival. Winehouse danced as Bromfield put on a powerful vocal performance to Mama Said.

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Watch Winehouse at the iTunes festival beside Bromfield:

Watch Winehouse perform her famous hit Rehab

Watch Winehouse perform Back to Black