Had Amy been alive, she would have been proud of a charity that is launched in her name by her family, with an aim to help young people, says her mother.

The foundation has been launched to mark the late Rehab star's 28th birthday.

We want to give money to projects that make a direct difference. It is a source of great comfort to know that Amy would be proud of this and right behind it, a UPKA report quoted Janis, Amy's mother, as saying.

Winehouse had a troubled life with alcohol and drug problems, and though it was suspected earlier, no signs of intoxication were found in her autopsy report. Her father gave a statement few days back stating that the family believes that the death could have been the result of a seizure caused by periods of drinking and detoxing.

The first primary source of income for the foundation will be from the release of her duet with Tony Bennett, Body And Soul, which will be released on Wednesday.

The Ken Bruce show on Radio 2 will be playing it for the first time.

Amy's father Mitch said that she was a very generous person and they kept coming back to the thought of her love for kids, and thus they decided that it was appropriate for them to start working towards the cause of young people who are vulnerable either because of ill health or circumstances.

Amy Winehouse foundation works toward supporting charities and organizations in the UK and abroad for young people, including those with addictions.

Winehouse was found dead at her London apartment on July 23.