The launch of the Apple iPad could suffer some minor delays, predicted an analyst, adding to ever increasing contradictions over the release of the highly-anticipated product.

Think Equity analyst Vijay Rakesh issued a note to investors Thursday stating that checks with Taiwanese manufacturers indicate some minor delays in production of the iPad.

Specifically, he said manufacturing of the iPad was supposed to pick up in February, but production volume for March remains low. Those issues, he said, are only expected to be temporary

Rakesh's prediction contradicts a story yesterday by DigiTimes which asserted that there have not been any delays.

The manufacturing of the iPads was supposed to pick up in February, buy volumes in March are still low, Rakesh writes in a research note.

But checks are indicating iPad volumes will pick back up to the 800,000-1 million units/month into April-May from the current 200-250K. We believe this is just a minor hiccup in a longer-term entirely new revenue stream and product road map for AAPL.

Rakesh said the delays due do not appear to be related to glass or manufacturing processes.

Earlier on Monday, Peter Misek with Canaccord Adams said that an unspecified production problem had arisen in manufacturing of the iPad.

Misek said the issues could restrict the number of launch units to just 300,000, or potentially delay the launch of the iPad past March.

Meanwhile, suppliers in Taiwan told DigiTimes this week that there have been no issues in the iPad manufacturing and that Apple is set to ship between 600,000 and 700,000 units this month, and another million in April.

The iPad’s launch is expected sometime in late March. MacRumors reports that it may be Friday March 26.

Apple shares were up 90 cents or 0.43 percent to $210.23 in afternoon trading on the NASDAQ.